App Assessment

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Assessment Criteria

We use a set of digital assessment questions to make sure evidence-based, safe, and secure apps are published on the NYC 988 app library. These questions emerge from the frameworks presented by AMA and APA to ensure industry best practice.

Base eligibility: The product must be publicly available, offer user support, and offer some portion of its services at no-cost to users. All crisis and app support must be U.S.-based.


  • Security: data encryption, data storage practices, security measures
  • Privacy: HIPAA compliance, privacy policy, de-identification of data, data access, data ownership effectiveness: claimed vs. actual benefits, published evidence, user feedback, value of content, content maintenance and accuracy
  • Effectiveness: relevant outcomes research, appropriate measurement tracking, resource access, evidence-backed design and content, content maintenance
  • Usability: ease of use, sustainability, customization, Internet requirements, platform requirements, accessibility, cultural sensitivity
  • Data sharing: ability to share data with approved external parties (e.g. family, providers) on users’ demand

If our internal panel assesses the product to have suitable security and privacy protocols, in addition to acceptable effectiveness data, a user testing group will examine the app for usability. If the product is found to be unsatisfactory during the first stage of assessment, evaluation will not proceed to the next step.

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