Health Homes

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A Health Home is a group of organizations working closely together to provide physical health, mental health and addiction services. The Health Home will assign a Care Manager who brings together all of these services for an individual. A Care Manager will speak with health plans, hospitals, and community-based programs to make sure an individual receives the services they need to stay healthy, out of the emergency room (ER), and out of the hospital. Health Homes can offer enhanced services such as:

  • Person-centered Planning
  • Setting up & Reviewing Services
  • Health Tips
  • Follow-up Care
  • Family Support Services

In order to be eligible for Health Home services, the individual must be enrolled in Medicaid and must have:

  • Two or more chronic conditions (e.g., Substance Use Disorder, asthma , Diabetes)


  • One single qualifying chronic condition
    • HIV/AIDS or
    • Serious Mental Illness (Adults) or
    • Serious Emotional Disturbance  or Complex Trauma (Children)

Call 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355) to have a counselor help you find Health Home contact information.