Full Body Relaxation

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Tension in your muscles?

Reduce feelings of stress and worry and improve your sense of well-being with these simple steps.

  1. Find a quiet place where you can be completely by yourself.
  2. Lie down on your back, feet apart, arms by your side. If it feels good to you, turn your palms upwards and gently close your eyes.
  3. Slow your breathing down, and breathe smoothly—with a few deep breaths in and out.
  4. Now think about the top of your head. Feel your scalp. In your mind, tell your body to release tension from your scalp.
  5. Next gently bring your attention to your face. Feel your forehead. Tell your body to release tension from the forehead. Now feel your eyes and your eyelids. Ask your body to release tension in that area.  Do this next with your chest and your jaw.
  6. Now, turn attention to your neck. Ask your muscles to let go of all the tension in your neck. Breathe slowly and deeply and concentrate on releasing the tension in your neck.
  7. Think next about your shoulders. Feel the tightness and ask your muscles to release tension in your shoulders. Feel the tension releasing. Be gentle. Continue breathing slowly and deeply.
  8. Next, move your attention down your arms to your fingertips. With a deep exhale, release tension in that area.  Now inhale and return attention up your arms into the shoulders.
  9. Now, bring your attention to your chest. Breathe deeply as you think about your chest. Feel the tension leaving your body.
  10. Next, think about your hips. Take a few deep breaths and each time you exhale, ask your body to release the tension from your hips. Continue with this through your pelvis, thighs, calves, ankles, feet, and toes. Feel the tension leaving your body, replacing it with a sense of peace and calm.
  11. When you have let go of the tension from all the parts of your body, continue breathing slowly. Be gentle. Feel the peace and relaxation flowing freely through your body.
  12. When you are ready, bring yourself to the present moment. Wiggle your toes, your fingers, open your eyes, and stretch out gently. Enjoy the sense of quiet and how relaxed your body feels. Return to this muscle relaxation technique often. With each practice you will feel more and more relaxed.