App Library Disclaimer

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The app developers are solely responsible for the compliance and fitness for purpose of their apps and content.

  • NYC DOHMH and Vibrant Emotional Health (henceforth to be referred to in tandem as NYC 988) are not the creators, owners, editors, managers, or providers of the apps and digital tools (and any information and content contained therein) listed in the NYC 988 Library.
  • NYC 988 has employed the guidelines set by the APA for reviewing the apps and digital tools as detailed in this library. This does not mean that NYC 988 has identified all aspects to be considered, or reviewed and verified all aspects of all versions of (including any updates) of the apps and digital tools, or that they are suitable for use by all types of end users.
  • The named supplier of the apps and digital tools listed is the entity solely responsible for the content, advice, production, and maintenance (including all required updates) of the apps and digital tools. Users must exercise their own skill and judgement when using the apps and digital tools. Users acknowledge that NYC 988 has no liability for any damage or loss howsoever caused (including damage and loss caused by (but not limited to) any errors, loss of data, inaccuracies, or omissions in any information, advice, instructions, content, or scripts provided by the named supplier to users independently of the apps and digital tools or contained within the apps and digital tools themselves) by a user’s use of or reliance on them.
  • NYC 988 is not responsible or liable for any advice, services, or products that you obtain through the use of the apps and digital tools listed on the NYC 988 App Library. Any links to other websites or apps are provided only for the purpose of convenience or information, and do not constitute a referral or endorsement of any of these sites.  Your use of third-party websites is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use for such websites or apps.
  • The NYC 988 App Library is intended to provide supportive, relevant information only. The contents of the NYC 988 App Library are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  It should be treated as a guide that aids users to identify relevant apps and digital tools that may be used. The apps and digital tools should be treated as complementary to any advice users have been provided with by a qualified medical professional. If a user feels their symptoms are not improving or has concerns about their health, then professional medical advice should be sought. If there is any concern, or defect as to the content of the apps and digital tools, or issues of any other kind with the apps and digital tools, then users should contact the named supplier without delay.
  • For less urgent health needs, contact your primary care provider or local pharmacist in the usual way. For a mental health crisis, call 988 or visit If you have an urgent medical need or a life is at risk, you should call 911.

Liability statement for healthcare professionals

  • Any healthcare professional recommending health apps published on the NYC 988 App Library is not liable for any adverse reactions or a deterioration in health experienced by users. The liability resides exclusively with the developers of the product in question and it is their responsibility to maintain compliance with the relevant regulations.
  • In order to be showcased on the library, all app developers are required to sign a license agreement during our assessment process, and our external assessment partners are responsible for ensuring they assess all apps using our agreed criteria.